Popcorn Junkies Knuckle Draggers movie review

Scott of Popcorn Junkies reviews Knuckle Draggers…

I get requests for publicity all the time, which is a hilarious concept to me at least, but I always find it amusing to read the e-mails. Most of them are grammatically abhorrent, amongst other things, and anyone who doesn’t take the time to actually use my name (as in “Hi Scott”) doesn’t deserve the *ahem* privilege of being pimped. So imagine my surprise when the star of a film, and one of its producers, sends me a nice letter asking for help promoting his film.

Paul J. Alessi, who co-stars in Knuckle Draggers as well as being one of the producers, wrote a nice letter and had the distinction of being friends with my boss Murtz Jaffer. For Murtz I have done a lot of things over the years at InsidePulse so helping out one of his buddies is something I think I’m contractually obligated to do. We did some nice stuff for… READ MORE