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About Paul J. Alessi
Paul J. Alessi, a New York native, spent most of his youth playing competitive ice hockey and fighting as an amateur boxer. Paul made time to participate in his community as a volunteer firefighter and a coach for youth sports. His work experience has been diverse, to say the least, from driving a zamboni, to patrolling as a security guard, to working construction.

As fate would have it, his piercing blue eyes and toned physique got him noticed while working at a construction site in Manhattan. Soon after, his modeling career was on the move and so was he to Los Angeles. Upon his arrival, Paul had the pleasure of working with
F. Gary Gray ("The Italian Job," and "The Negotiator.") He debuted as the tragic AIDS victim featured in TLC’s 1995 award winning video, “Waterfalls,” which won the Best Video of the Year. Acting had always been an interest for Paul, so he decided to pursue it full-time.

Paul has showcased a diverse palette of acting, with a repertoire ranging from a psychopathic rapist with serial killer habits, to a heartfelt, confused guy on his road to redemption. As a hit man in the mob to a Marine in the sands of Iraq, Paul's flawless performances earned him critical acclaim.

Seeking to improve the quality of films, Paul decided to use his gift for gab and knack for networking by producing. The results include "Morphin(e)," "Allison," "The Confession," "Ten 'til Noon," "Truth or Dare," "Light," "Official Rejection," "Au Pair, Kansas." Most recently, he produced and took a starring role in the feature film Alpha Males Experiment (2013). Producing has also developed Paul’s interest and expertise in documentaries, behind the scenes and EPK directing and producing not only on his own films but on Studio front as well, most recently being Sony Picture’s The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day, directed by Troy Duffy.  Paul has several features in development and is producing a DocU Series on the next great sports champions.

Paul prides himself on his New York edge but admits the laid-back and relaxed L.A. vibe is something he enjoys. Grounded in solid principles and values, he is also a family man and somewhat traditional in his beliefs. His professional demeanor and easygoing attitude have opened the minds and doors of some of the best in the business. These individuals recognize the talent and potential in Paul that makes him the next "it guy" in the business...and that suits him just fine.


Paul J Alessi


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