Exclusive Interview: Star/Producer Paul Alessi Talks KNUCKLE DRAGGERS…

By Ramas Screen

Last week I got to interview actor/producer Paul Alessi about his new movie KNUCKLE DRAGGERS. It’s a hilarious comedy that Rama’s SCREEN has been telling all of you to go check it tout. I reviewed it a while back and the the story is about Ethan, who gets dumped because he wasn’t able to provide his fiancée with the stable life her friends were living. Desperate to get her back, he seeks help from his older brother Kyle, a tough talking sexist who seems to have a way with the ladies. Paul and I talked about the casting, production, the characters, his upcoming projects and Comic-Con. Thanks to Wendy for making this possible. Check out the full interview after the jump..

RS: So explain how you and director Alex Ranarivelo got this project up and running? What’s the story behind the movie KNUCKLE DRAGGERS?… READ MORE

The Movie Guys Podcast Talks Knuckle Draggers and more

Week of April 24th, 2009- http://www.themovieguyspodcast.com

The Movie Guys Podcast - 59

Episode 59: “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again”

This week, 4 movies are up for discussion, “Earth,” “Fighting,” “The Soloist,” and we also have an exclusive first review for a film making the circuit called, “Knuckle Draggers.” All of this with a side of DVD Releases, Trailers, News and Rumors, and much more! So, crack your knuckles, it’s time to go solo, and plant some seed!…ew…It’s Showtime!