Knuckle Draggers Review by Hey U Guys…

Setting up stall in the crowded rom-com market is a difficult task.

The problem facing writer/director Alex Ranarivelo is how to make your commentary on relationships speak to the audience; to make your voice heard above the myriad other groups of pretty, commitment phobic thirty-somethings trying to work their lives out.

Ranarivelo’s answer is simple: character. And this is how he, and the film, succeeds.

Knuckle Draggers is a 2009 film from Partners in Crime Films and it is an excellent way to spend an evening. Do not give in to your preconceptions of Indie Romance(TM) and let this charming film work its spell. It is surprising because it succeeds in building up the prejudices and stereotypes inherent in the genre before pulling the rug from under our feet. Don’t get me wrong – the … READ MORE

Movie Room Reviews – Knuckle Draggers Movie Review

knuckledraggers-mrrKnuckle Draggers is an independent movie from Producer/Actor Paul J. Alessi and Director Alex Ranarivelo that made its world premiere film debut on April 26th, 2009, at a sold out Newport Beach Film Festival. The movie won two “Rising Star” awards at the DelRay Beach Film Festival, including Outstanding Feature by a New Filmmaker/Producer and Best Close-up in a Feature Film. Tonight (June 27th), the movie showed at the ReelHeART Film Festival as an official closing night film. Theatrical release and home video release dates are yet to be determined

With a diverse and talented ensemble cast, Knuckle Draggers presents the same conventional plot about the differences between the two genders. Men are simple creatures that have not evolved much beyond caveman times. They still just want sex and lots of it. Women on the other hand, need to commuicate, and need security. Relationships are easy, if you just understand one thing… READ MORE