New Interview with Paul J. Alessi – By Duane L. Martin of Rogue Cinema

I don’t know how Paul J. Alessi does it.  Somehow, he manages to juggle acting, producing, playing sports and donating some time to charity events.  I recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of his films called Knuckle Draggers, and it was a given that after having seen such an amazingly well crafted film, that I’d jump at the chance to interview Paul about it as well as about some of the other great things he’s got going on in his career…. READ MORE

Rogue Cinema’s review of Knuckle Draggers

You know, it’s refreshing when a film actually tells it like it is, and I can’t remember seeing one that more clearly defined the truth about relationships between men and women than Knuckle Draggers.  To start, here’s a quick description of the film from IMDB, written by the film’s writer and director, Alex Ranarivelo…

“Knuckle Draggers” takes a realistic, but comic look at how the behaviors of men and women have evolved very little since the caveman times. When Ethan, the needy nice guy, is dumped by his fiancee, he asks his misogynist older brother Kyle to help him win her back. Kyle tries to teach Ethan how to act like “a real man” and to never put a woman on a pedestal. Repulsed by his brother’s harsh views on how to treat women, Ethan ignores his advice and ventures out into the dating world, where he slowly realizes that everything Kyle says seems to be true.

That description gets to the core of the film, but it doesn’t tell you everything.  There’s actually a … READ MORE