Maryvale Angels – 2009 – Time to Shine

Take part with Amie Barsky & Paul J. Alessi in giving the Maryvale Girls a Merry Christmas.

The List is in!!!!!! We received the “Dear Santa” wish list from the girls of Maryvale and we are excited to get started shopping, so please donate on our safe secure PayPal page and see what a difference a few dollars can make!

This year brought on financial changes and challenges for many, but with these changes it becomes even more important for our community to come together and reach out to those in unfortunate circumstances. The girls of Maryvale are dynamic, smart and amazing and deserve a holiday celebration with their Maryvale family in a time when they cannot be with their real family. Thanks to our awesome Angels who have contributed in the past we look forward to your continued support again this year. For all of our new Angels here is a brief summary and info on how you can bring joy this holiday season.

Maryvale Los Angeles Orphan Asylum is a 501(c) 3 agency founded in 1856 and has been serving children of the Greater Los Angeles area for the past 149 years. It is a licensed home for girls who are placed here through the Department of Children and Family Services. These children have been removed from their homes for child abuse and or neglect, some have just arrived and others have been here for years. This facility provides housing, meals, counseling and education along with many opportunities these girls would otherwise not be exposed to.

The past few years have been a huge success and we look forward to many more…

This year being an Angel to one of these girls is even easier!!! All you have to do is go to our secured Paypal link and donate.

Each girl gives “Santa” their wish list of three gifts, example:

Jen, age 12:

Bike helmet
DVD- Harry Potter
Twin bed comforter-Mickey Mouse

It is our goal to be able to purchase all 3 gifts per girl through your generous donations! Santa comes to the Christmas party (which I encourage you to attend as well) and gives out one gift to open at the party and the other two are opened on Christmas morning!

It’s that easy! You donate, we shop!

Click here for details

Trust us, it is worth your efforts. These girls are so amazingly strong, smart and beautiful on the inside and out. You can’t help but fall in love with their wide eyes when Santa walks in the door, their smiles and laughter as they strut their stuff on the dance floor and the tears of joy when they open their presents.

I encourage you all to come to the Maryvale Holiday party and meet the girls see first hand the difference you made just by donating!!

So please be an angel to one of these precious girls through donation.

Your participation to help make Maryvale a Merry Christmas for these girls is greatly appreciated!

In Love and Light:

Your organizers:

Amie Barsky
Laurinda Cocchiaro
Paul J. Alessi
Oscar Jimenez
Erik Earnest

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